Missions & Compassion: Through our missions & compassion ministries, we reach out to encourage and minister to women whether they are facing difficulties in their homes, in their communities or throughout the world. We encourage them through the gospel of grace and love.

Missions & Compassion Representative
Babs Heflin babsheflin@gmail.com
Missions & Compassion Associate
Ashley Medlin medlinaia@juno.com

Opportunities for Missions

Exam packs to college students: Boxes are filled with goodies during the final exam week and mailed to our college students.

Prison Ministries: Our women come together to encourage inmates by providing items for personal care or food for a special meal.

Heart to Hands: Women gather together to complete sewing projects that benefit many in our community and abroad.

Opportunities for Compassion

Loving Spoonfuls: In this ministry, folks prepare meals that can be frozen and brought to the church, and stored in the freezer located in the Great Hall. These meals are delivered to families who have sickness in the immediate family.

Hospital Visitation: Women make hospital visits to women of the church. There the women share Christian concern, provide spiritual encouragement, and offer assistance for any related needs.

Naomi/Ruth: This is a group of women in our church (both young and old) who have lost their spouse. These women get together a few times a year and encourage one another.

Elderlove: This is a ministry that sends cards and notes to the elderly in our church who are homebound.

Knit, Crochet, and Pray Ministry: This ministry meets twice a month to knit and crochet prayer shawls, lap robes, chemo caps, and baby blankets. These are specifically prayed over before being given to a recipient. Knowing how to knit or crochet is not a prerequisite. The ladies are happy to teach you.