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e-Giving at SAPC

Many churches today find themselves struggling to collect tithes and offerings to meet their budgets, and one of the main reasons might surprise you. Times have changed from when individuals carried cash and checkbooks, and their everyday spending is now done online and with credit/debit cards. Because churches have not necessarily kept up with technology, they have actually made it difficult for members to give; in turn, leading to a decline in giving. Here at Saint Andrews, we are very blessed by our members’ faithful giving and believe we should make every effort to provide the most convenient giving methods. For this reason we are offering e-Giving, an online method for you to give. We have done a great deal of research to select an option that is safe, has low fees, and is easy to use. If you are interested, please take the time to sign up. Please remember that you can continue to give as you always have—this is simply an added method! If you have any questions, please contact our Financial Administrator, Cindy Rife (cindy@sapc.net; 732-2273 x121). For information about the company sponsoring our e-Giving site, visit ncsservices.org. You may click here or the e-Giving logo to continue to e-Giving.