This vision was introduced with a 2-week sermon series. Listen to those messages here:

Vision 2017: Part 1

Vision 2017: Part 2

A Picture of the heart of Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church (SAPC)

We are not all we will be, we are not yet all we desire to be, but by God’s grace and with His strength this is who we are attempting to become as His church:


Our mission at SAPC is to help people joyfully know Jesus Christ, love Him more, and serve Him better. (KNOW, LOVE, AND SERVE)


At SAPC we believe that man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. Therefore, we believe that joy should characterize everything we do. Joy denotes the deep and abiding joy of which Paul speaks as well as the appropriate and genuine outward joy arising naturally from our relationship with Jesus Christ. It should not merely be an afterthought, but should permeate every activity and ministry.


This denotes a relationship, both in beginning that relationship by coming to know Christ as Lord and Savior, and in stages of growth throughout ones’ life as a disciple. We see this as the core of our mission and it touches on every aspect of the church.


For our relationship with Christ to be healthy it is necessary to continue to grow to love Him more. Being a disciple is a continuing process as should be the ever-growing depth of our love for Him.


At SAPC, because we believe that stewardship of self, time, and possessions is a vital growth process in every disciple’s life, we seek to assimilate people and encourage, educate, and challenge every member to be an active part of the church by using their time and talents for the glory of God. We have a vision for “every member ministry” and seek to guide each one into a gift-based, passion-driven role in the church in at least one of our Major Ministry Areas (MMAs): WORSHIP, TEACHING, and OUTREACH. Such a role will be carried out joyfully and with excellence.

Each MMA should reflect aspects of our mission which is to KNOW, LOVE, AND SERVE. Below is a description of how we see our mission applying to our MMAs.

OUTREACH is how we will help people know Jesus Christ. WE WISH TO TOUCH EVERY FAMILY IN OUR AREA WITH THE MINISTRY OF CHRIST THROUGH THE GOSPEL so that they might come to KNOW and LOVE Him. This means SAPC is an outward looking church. We will creatively use all kinds of opportunities to introduce people to Christ by building bridges to our community. We will design and be open to niche ministries that are needed in our community whereby we may minister in the name of Christ. We are limited only by the Scripture and our vision. Our desire is for every member of SAPC to be a witness and to share Jesus Christ with those who are without Him or to whom He has become distant. We desire to equip, encourage, and provide opportunities for our people to help others really know Jesus Christ (SERVE).

We will also be involved in ministries of mercy in the name of Christ as deeds ministries to complement our words. Our fellowship with one another, which will be reflected in each MMA, should be a unique witness to our world of our love for one another.

The need to know Christ goes far beyond personal outreach to our local ministry area. SAPC sees involvement in planting churches as a biblical and effective strategy to see conversions and advance the Kingdom of Christ. Therefore, we will always be involved with one or more church planting efforts through financial support and direct involvement as local opportunities arise.

Further, we see helping people to KNOW Jesus Christ as including global missions. Through our denomination (PCA) and other biblical avenues, we educate about the world, encourage the support of missions and missionaries, and actually participate in missions at home and throughout the world. We desire to be a supporting AND sending church in order to work towards our purpose to help people know Jesus Christ (SERVE). While missions are global we will have focus areas where we will go deeper, more frequently, and support more thoroughly.

Our TEACHING will provide continuing opportunity for the people of SAPC to grow and mature in their understanding of God’s Word and its application to our lives. Our desire is for every member to be a learner. This will lead into ever deepening discipleship. Zeal without knowledge is useless, but so is knowledge without application. The more we KNOW Him the more we should LOVE Him. That is our desire and the purpose of educating in the things of God. Because of our commitment to pass the faith on to our SAPC children, youth and children’s ministries (such as youth groups, Sunday School, Children’s Music, Vacation Bible School, Music and Arts Camp, etc.) will remain a high priority at SAPC. (SERVE)

WORSHIP is our opportunity to grow to KNOW Jesus in a deeper way and to grow to LOVE him more. SAPC considers it to be of highest priority for those who would be disciples of Jesus. It is our desire to see every member be a worshipper both corporately (in our stated worship times) and privately. We desire to do all that is necessary to provide (SERVE) the opportunity of experiencing biblical worship from the Spirit-filled and Biblical perspective. We believe that God has gifted His church in every age throughout history. In order to reflect that view we will make use of our rich traditions in liturgy, music, and the arts. Further we will also use biblical and quality contemporary music, writings, and arts and be open to creativity in worship that is in Spirit and according to truth. We will focus upon and make use of the ordinary means of grace-The Word, The Sacraments, and Prayer. Our view of the centrality of the Word of God will include a focus on the Exposition of Scripture. Our worship will also emphasize appropriately the other means of grace namely Baptism and the Lord’s Supper and prayer.


We will be empowered by the Holy Spirit… God alone. We will be motivated by His grace and our obedience. We will be equipped by God’s Holy Word. And we will be driven by prayer to the One Who alone can enable us to succeed.


The mission and objectives that are included in this vision statement, we believe, are based squarely on the Scripture. Over the years, therefore, we expect them to stay fairly constant (with minor revisions). The application of VISION 2017 will change as we set, meet, and update goals, and as we adjust to the current needs and demands of the day, in order to be most effective. Therefore, we do not fear but rather expect and welcome change as God leads us by His Spirit.

Adopted May 14, 2012