SAPC Children’s Ministry serves children from birth to 6th grade.  It is our duty and privilege to partner with our parents to help our children joyfully KNOW Jesus Christ, LOVE Him more, and SERVE Him better. Our desire for our Covenant children is for them to grow in their faith. We hope and strive to achieve this purpose by the power of the Holy Spirit, with God’s Word as our guide, and by following Christ’s example in obedience and faith as we build God’s Church.

Our hope and prayer would be that each child has a firm foundation of God’s truth embedded in their hearts and minds, and that they would continue on in their faith journey being fully and firmly committed to having a real and authentic faith, and that each child would be a lifelong follower of Jesus Christ. It would also be our hope that our children would be full of passion to teach the Gospel.

Sunday Mornings

Growth Classes – 9:30a

Upon arrival parents and children will stop at the Children’s Desk for a quick check-in process to ensure children are kept safe and secure.

  • Infants – We believe it is important to start teaching children about God and His Word from the very beginning. We consider it our privilege and honor to provide quality care, in a safe, Christ-centered, and loving environment.
  • ToddlersWe begin to teach children the truths of Scripture enabling them to grow in their knowledge and understanding of God.
  • Ages 2-3, Pre-K & K, 1st & 2nd grade, 3rd & 4th grade – Children study and grow in God’s Word using the Show Me Jesus™ curriculum of Great Commission Publications. The curriculum is Christ-centered, doctrinally sound, spiritually nourishing, interactive, and fun! The curriculum teaches the entire Bible . . . from Genesis to Revelation.
  • MERGE! (5th & 6th grades) is a bridge from children’s ministry and allows for an easier and more age appropriate transition into youth ministry. Students use G2R™ (Genesis 2 Revelation) as their curriculum. MERGE meets in Room 100 (before entering the Children’s Hall).

10:30a Children’s Church – During the service, our four and five year olds begin worship with the rest of the congregation. Then the children are dismissed (indicated in the order of worship) and led downstairs where they hear a lesson from the Bible specifically designed for their age group. 

D-Night (Wednesday Nights)


Nursery is provided for children one and under. 

PB&J (Praise, Bible, & Jesus) is for 2 and 3 year olds. Children have a Bible lesson followed by praise and play time. The Bible story lessons are from the Jesus Storybook Bible  curriculum. which incorporates videos, crafts, and games.  Children are beginning to learn Catechism questions as well as Scripture memorization.

6:15-6:50 pm  

Preschool Choir is for 4 and 5 year olds. Preschoolers learn to worship, praise, and enjoy God through music, singing, movement, and God’s Word. Children also begin to learn about different musical instruments, notes, and rhythms to better prepare them for Children’s Choir. Preschool Choir will sing occasionally throughout the year at various times. 

Children’s Choir is for 1st-6th graders. During choir time, children will play a variety of instruments, sing, and learn to read music. The children will prepare for a Spring and Christmas Program. Children’s Choir also sings occasionally throughout the year in worship.

6:55-7:30 pm 

Pre-K & K, 1st & 2nd grade, 3rd & 4th grade – Children learn by using the  Kids’ Quest!™ Catechism  curriculum. This curriculum teaches children Bible truths through simple questions and answers. It is flexible and promotes memorization using components of Bible teaching, games, activities and more.  

MERGE (5th–6th graders)  - Students meet for Bible study and use What’s Up? Discovering the Gospel, Jesus, and Who You Really Are by New Growth Press.

Special Events

Our Children’s Ministry provides many special events throughout the year including Preschool Play Days, New to the Pew for rising 1st graders, Parents Night Out, Journey to the Cross, Promotion Sunday, MERGE Move-up, Parents Shopping Day, Happy Birthday Jesus Party, pool party, and our community-wide events: Fall Festival, Camp JAM (Jesus, Arts, & More), and Easter Egg hunt. We also have ongoing service projects throughout the year


SAPC has many missionaries that we support Across the Street, Across the Country, and Across the World. Our children are able to connect on a more personal level with our missionaries through our Missionary Mascot Andy the Owl. Children and families can follow Andy’s adventures as He helps spread the Gospel on the Where in the World is Andy? board near the Children’s Hall.

To KNOW Jesus Christ: We want children to acknowledge and recognize their need for a Savior and to grow in faith by establishing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, to repent of their sin, and to joyfully share the Light and love of Christ with the world. (Romans 3:23-25) God’s Word, the Bible will be our primary teaching source.

To LOVE Him More: We want children to love the Lord, “with all of their heart, soul, and mind” (Deuteronomy 6:5-9) and “in word and deed” (Colossians 3:17). We want our love for Christ to overflow to that our children may have an authentic faith and become disciples and tell the whole world of His love by sharing the Gospel message. (Mark 16:15)

To SERVE Him Better: We want children to be active and intentional in living out their faith by following God’s will (Romans 12:2), sharing their gifts and talents that God blessed them with, and by giving their time to help and serve others. We are an others and outward-focused church. (Philippians 2:3)